First, bear with me. I am not as fluent in english as I would like.

Fabrice MontfortReady ?

My name is Fabrice Montfort, I am french and some can say that I am a developer of multiplatform application (but not only).

I like to listen and play music, to read a book, to go for a walk to discover new landscapes, and so many other things that we would spend too much time.

Let’s go back to the point !

Technology, I fell into it when I was a child. It is a passion, a hobby and my job for many years.

I participated in a few projects in several languages. Some languages seemed to me more fun than others.

Steady ?

AS3 is one that I like to use on some applications. Adobe AIR and the magic of a SDK, it allows me to create applications quickly for mobile devices and desktop computers. And if necessary, I knit or I buy a native extension for specific needs. This is a really significant time savings.

There’s a nice turning point in ActionScript. I like to see a language that enters the big leagues. Some small adjustments and new uses are emerging. For AIR (and for PhoneGap), it lacks little to become truly “agnostic”. Performance is improved regularly, production tools converge. I do not doubt that it will come very fast.

I will not proselytize on this site so I will discuss the technologies and languages as they come: according to my tastes and needs of the moment.

For my business, i do daily watch. So I will try to post here libraries, tips and links that seem interesting and (why not, let’s be crazy) useful.

Go !

So… Now, you know a little bit more about me. Let’s start coding !

I think you are basically there for that (although I have enjoyed either for my beautiful eyes)… 😎

Hope you’ll enjoy this blog.