Firebase and AS3

Episode 4 : The surprise

Hi there. I hope you are well.

I promise you a surprise… Here it is !


Episode 1: create different services and applications on Firebase, Google and Facebook

Episode 2: login with OAuth 2.0, retrieve user profile, write data on Firebase

Episode 3: draw a map, make queries to read and write data and place some markers on the map

It’s time to get the full source of this tutorial. To do this, just go to my GitHub and fork it or grab it.

If you want to publish your own app based on this few lines of code, be free to do it and send me an email, I’ll appreciate it for sure.

Firebase and AS3 : Login
Firebase and AS3 : Login
Firebase and AS3 : Map and markers
Firebase and AS3 : Map and markers
Firebase and AS3 : Form
Firebase and AS3 : Form



And to conclude this series on Firebase and AS3, this solution is not taking full advantage of the power of Firebase and presents vulnerabilities. Your Firebase Secret Key will be accessible to anyone with enough knowledge to decompile your application and read the resulting code.

There are other options (such as using CrossBridge for web application and desktop) to make it working without this kind of vulnerabilities.

For mobile projects that uses the full potential of Firebase, I recommend using a native extension.

Two are currently being finalized (MyFlashLabs and Distriqt). I myself have decided to purchase the first one.

Source code

You can access the entire project here.


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PAY ATTENTION !! In fact, this is a very bad practice to incorporate your Firebase Secret Key in an application that can be easily decompiled (and SWF can be reversed). This exercise is just meant to show that use of the REST service firebase is possible from AS3. Acquire JWT from Firebase server (or your own server) remains the best option and can be easily achieved through a simple HTML page using the Web SDK Firebase and a WebView.