STT and TTS for mobile applications

With Adobe AIR and AS3

Hi there. I hope you are well.

In this tutorial, we will see how to use the two native libraries that I wrote for Adobe AIR to create a “kind of parrot” mobile application.

Using natural language processing functions, we can bring other types of interaction, imagine other modes of operation.

The concept

To operate, this application must access the microphone (Android / iOS) and speech recognition (iOS) functions. It is therefore necessary to request authorization from the user when using this function for the first time.

Once the permissions are obtained, the program is ready to retranscribe a sentence uttered by the user.

The latter can then choose the language of the various speech engines and start listening. He will see his sentence appear in the result panel as he speaks. When he stops app listening (or stops speaking), he hears the application repeating his sentence.

He can choose to modify the different settings to re-listen to his utterance or to repeat the operation.

Environment: SDKs and Extensions

To run this application should be compiled with:

The manifest file


The application

The result in video

Sorry for my so bad english accent (it makes my ears bleed too).



Complete source code

You can find the complete source code and the assets here.

You can also find a very ugly but fully fonctionnal version of this application for Animate CC on github.

The conclusion

If you want to create new types of interactive content with ActionScript 3.0 for mobile projects, voice processing may well open up new horizons for you.

I hope you enjoyed this demonstration. Perhaps this gives you new application ideas. Do not hesitate to let me discover them via Twitter.

Happy coding.

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