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This website is dedicated to multiplatform applications development, which includes Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Web. It will cover the following languages: Objective-C, Java, C / C ++, HTML / Javascript / CSS and most important AS3 and AIR.

The world of AS3 moves very quickly these days. The community wakes up and innovative projects are underway. This unpretentious site will try to give you the right information at the right time to let you take control of this technology quickly.

multiplatform applications development

What is multiplatform applications development?

From my perspective, the proliferation of devices and operating systems that are linked to them are forcing companies to streamline their time and efforts for the realization of a commercial project.

By developing natively for each platform, teams must, in addition to code in the language that corresponds to the target platform, perform as many debugging and quality tests as there are systems.

The multiplatform development is a technique to reduce production costs while ensuring better monitoring of project with small teams.

It does not fit any project and should be considered after careful consideration. But it can save you a lot of time and money without penalizing the performance of your applications.

Source code

I’m happy to share my little knowledge with you. Everytime i’ll encounter a problem in my projects, or just want to discuss about a specific technology, I’ll make a post here.

All examples and tutorials posted on this blog are reusable. Feel free to adapt them for your own creations.


Whenever possible, I try to link an archive containing the source code on the tutorials and examples.

Update frequency

I’ll try to regularly post articles covering the development of multiplatform applications. But i have a very time-consuming work and many passions to satiate. So, don’t be angry if I remain silent for a few days.


For convenience, there is a list of useful links if you plan to start learning multiplatform applications development.

Happy reading and stay tuned.